June 2014

TL;DR & Short, Short Fiction


Too long; didn’t read — a common enough expression on forums and, occasionally, social media. While I’ve always been familiar with the term TL;DR, never have I ever (nor will I ever, hopefully) see it written on the bottom of a short story by a reader in a workshop setting. [...]

Why Authors Should Read & Write Short Stories


From Joyce’s “The Dead” and Carver’s “Cathedral” to the anxiously-written “The Swimmer” by Cheever, short stories are one style of writing I’m more familiar with than most. Partly due to schooling and the ease of teaching the short story in a [...]

The Best and Worst of Sci-Fi — A Calling


Fellow readers, This is a letter of inquiry to anyone who finds him-or-herself lazily flipping through channels on a Saturday afternoon and landing on a cheesy sci-fi flick that is instantly loveable. I have watched hundreds of sci-fi movies throughout my life, most of which involve [...]

10 Ways to Write Better & Faster [INFOGRAPHIC]


Going off the infographic I made the other day, I thought I’d give it another go using a topic I’ve written on several times in the past. Please enjoy and (if you’re an astute reader of mine) feel free to leave any feedback on these infographics. I’m not much of an artist, [...]

How To Write A Book


Find a chair. To write a book you need to find a chair that is comfortable, away from distractions, and allows you to type ergonomicaly. To write that book you need an idea. How thought out of an idea? Partially, or at least a few scenes you’ve drawn out in your head. Those scenes need [...]

10 Ways for Writers to Blog Better [INFOGRAPHIC]


I’ve read a lot of blogs, I’ve written a lot of posts — I don’t consider myself an expert, though as a reader I do come across a number of author-centric blogs that make my teeth hurt. I’m not necessarily referring to the content, either, but the way the content is [...]

I’m Looking For a Book…


I’m looking for a book that is original, funny and captivating enough to keep me glued to a pile of bound paper or e-reader for hours on end. I’m looking for a book with characters I only relate to emotionally, not the ones with the same lifestyle, choices and opinions I have. I’m [...]

Why the “ABC” Lifestyle Matters


In the past I brought up the ABCs of Writing, or “Always Be Creating.” This breaks doing to┬ástaying busy,┬ásomething I encourage every unproven writer with free (or unfree) time to do. I’ve begun to believe even more in these corny ABCs when my own writing has hit a few [...]

How To Write 30,000 Words in 5 Days


“Quickly” is the short answer, though this NaNo-speed (get it?) gauntlet requires some explanation. I’m in the middle of a self-made break on my ongoing project, one that I’m struggling to fix inconsistencies and write new content for. After two weeks of distractions, I [...]

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