July 2014

3 Writing Criticisms You Actually Want


In writing, nothing beats a healthy amount of constructive criticism. Whether you’re writing short stories, novels, or flash pieces in any genre, you know how crucial it is to share your work and solicit feedback. I do have one piece of advice about peer reviewing, though, and that is to finish a [...]

The Evolution of Ideas


It is a simple thing, visions of what may happen if only I had the will, courage and creativity to form the thing with words. It boils down to time, it seems, and the ability to glue oneself to a chair and dexterously reach for the same keys we press every day. It grows in the most peculiar [...]

Songwriting & Poetry | One In the Same?


I’ve been mulling over the difference between songwriting and poetry writing for years, ever since I wrote my first poems in a high school creative writing class and realized that a song’s lyrics are a poem set to sonic devices. Having written poetry in an academic setting and, [...]

6 Ways to Write “Bad Words”


I’ve been a member of the human race for quite some time. In that time, I have come across (and created) what I would consider “bad writing,” or books, poems, short stories, essays, and articles that faceslap readers with one-too-many adjectives and similes to get through. Bad [...]

10 Steps to Write Your First Novel [INFOGRAPHIC]


Going off my previous handful of infographics, I thought I’d share another one: 10 steps to write your first novel. These tips are discussed more in other posts of mine, such as this one and this one. I’m up for any suggestions on future 10 steps/ways/tips as long as they relate to [...]

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