Cathedral: Carver Cuts Up Birdman

Carver CathedralEver since Birdman, Raymond Carver has once again emerged as a “hip” short story writer. Those of us who have studied writing or English, though, will recognize many of his stories because he is just that prominent.
Cathedral (the collection) is what I picked up a few weeks ago. While I’ve read singles from his other books of stories, what attracted me to this particular collection was the opportunity to revisit one of the first stories I ever read (the title story). I wasn’t let down, either.

These stories are fast, real, and rip the soul out of everyday life. We encounter all sorts of people in hard situations.

I would be able to discuss this collection further in detail if I hadn’t read it in the middle of Richard Ford and Ron Rash. And, as a warning, I’d recommend people interested in reading short stories to not read two collections in a row. It jumbles things up.

Anyway, Cathedral is spectacular in every way. You need to read Carver, lots of him.

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I'm Illinois born, Indiana educated, and writing for a living in Missouri.

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