Building an Author Blog in 2 Hours


*This post is under constant reconstruction as I learn more about WordPress. I’ll be adding sections as I go. Building the basics of this site — minus the content — took me two hours, a few episodes of Cops, about $100, and a six-pack. WordPress is a highly functional little platform that [...]

Constrained Or Insane? Writing Words With Shackles


The only “E” in Gadsby: A Story of Over 50,000 Words Without Using the Letter “E,” is in the title and the author’s name, Ernest Vincent Wright. The book was self-published in 1939 and covers the story of John Gadsby and his efforts to reinvigorate his home town. Wright, at least [...]

What To Do On Page 27


With 12-point Times New Roman, single-spaced font, Page 27 hovers just around 10,000 words. I’ve hit this word count with several projects over the past few months, many of which crumbled and others that pushed into something resembling a “middle.” I say 10,000 words because, in my opinion, [...]

10,000 Hours And Counting


A crabapple tree can reach its “mature height” in 10 years — nearly twice the time it takes a writer to develop the skills to write a sales-ready book. An article on the Huffington Post explores the 10,000 hour rule (writing 8 hours a day, five days a week, for almost five [...]

The Most Demanding Sentence You’ll Ever Write


“In all possible universes, Monday was the same.” –Philip K. Dick, Eye in the Sky I am neither an award-winning writer nor an authority on the subject of writing, though I do consider myself an observer of the craft. While observing, mainly through college workshops reading [...]

Plot vs. Premise: Why Writers Can’t Explain Themselves


When struggle is mentioned, I picture a pimply high school sophomore who doesn’t understand why his stories and ideas aren’t like the ones in the books he reads. Is there something wrong with my writing? the boy wonders, scrawling spectacular sagas in a quick, unrefined hand that has yet to [...]

Self-Publishing, a Growing Opportunity


Successful self-publishers set themselves apart by knowing the industry and compiling this sort of information is one of the main goals for my blog. AuthorEarnings recently released “The 50k Report,” a piece written by Hugh Howey, one of the most profitable and active Amazon publishers [...]

The Seinfeld Paradox for Writers


Almost every episode of Seinfeld deals with a relationship, either one that is ending or taking off. What were Jerry, George, Elaine, and Cosmo (to an extent) searching for? I would say they were testing the waters, baiting the catch that could turn into a lifelong commitment. But even the [...]

4 Ways to Make a Living Writing


Are your writing aspirations…terminal? Fledgling writers flock to the western world’s 800+ college programs every year, hoping to make their mark on the literary scene, teach, or pursue a career in professional writing. Let’s lowball this estimate and say the average creative writing program [...]

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