*under slight construction*

I’m currently finishing up one book-length sci-fi project and working on a shorter fiction piece on the side. I’ll be adding past and future publications soon enough, so stay tuned!

Godlings: New worlds struggle to make life happen where it shouldn’t. In this space-inspired, suspenseful novel of discovery, characters encounter a new form of hope: Godlings, mysterious creatures dredged out planets and moons. Man, like always, is unsure how to handle these finds. Do they serve a religious purposeful? Are they pure entertainment? Or something much more? Find out for yourself by the end of summer 2014.

Revenant: This temporarily titled collection of accounts spans two days in the rural Midwest. Everything seems at it always has until a visitor affects the lives of everyone who witnesses it. The story jumps between several points of view in as close to real time as possible. An exploration of POV, time, and short story writing, if you will. A pet project that may be released near the time of Godlings.

*Untitled: My knowledge of e-book formatting compressed into an easy-to-read tutorial guide designed for the amateur publisher, stay at home mom interested in writing the e-book, and the student with an idea. This guide is being built little by little as I make my way through the self-publishing industry.

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