The Self-Publishing page will be a catalog of usable information for writers. I plan to add to in stages, starting with industry-wide posts and moving into specifics as I make my way from manuscript to digital-print.

Keep an eye out for:

  • A comprehensive guide on print-on-demand publishing
  • Making a career in self-publishing and writing
  • Organizing e-books
  • Formatting
  • Writing books, short stories, and poetry with self-published intent

For now, satisfy yourself with a few posts in the vein of self-publishing:

Self-Publishing (Kindle, P-o-D, Etc.)
2 Approaches For Print-On-Demand Authors
The Kindle Conundrum: How-To Pick A Publishing Platform

Author Marketing
6 Ways to Not Fail at E-Publishing
8 Reasons This “Writer’s Digest” Article Bothers Me
4 Ways to Make a Living Writing
The Publishing War. Does it Exist?

Building an Author Blog in 2 Hours
Top 4 Blogs For New Authors
10 Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make
3 Best Tools For Casual Bloggers

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