The Surprising Upside of Having a (Found) Blog


It happened today or, more accurately, yesterday around lunchtime. My dusty authorial outreach platforms, such as this blog and a mostly inactive Twitter account, were bombarded with visits, shares, retweets and other activity. What’s going on? I asked myself, deleting email notification [...]

10 Ways to Write Better & Faster [INFOGRAPHIC]


Going off the infographic I made the other day, I thought I’d give it another go using a topic I’ve written on several times in the past. Please enjoy and (if you’re an astute reader of mine) feel free to leave any feedback on these infographics. I’m not much of an artist, [...]

10 Ways for Writers to Blog Better [INFOGRAPHIC]


I’ve read a lot of blogs, I’ve written a lot of posts — I don’t consider myself an expert, though as a reader I do come across a number of author-centric blogs that make my teeth hurt. I’m not necessarily referring to the content, either, but the way the content is [...]

Top Self-Publishing Influencers & Demi-Gods


Came across a great resource on The Book Designer¬†(self-publishing legend Joel Friedlander’s site). The post is directed more towards self-marketing for indie authors. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, websites, and one-on-one-ing reviewers, it’s a journey. Luckily, there [...]

23 Things Writers Should Know


I have a list of ideas, topics, subjects, and inspirational sources titled “things to blog about.” Funny thing is, not one item has been scratched off this list for two months. To satisfy my urge to share my thoughts and hopefully inspire or possibly instruct a few writers, I threw [...]

The 50 Day Update


Hello readers. As you may be able to tell, I’ve made significant changes to and am still working out the kinks. Please, keep commenting, sharing, and letting me know if something doesn’t look quite right. The new theme I’m using (a premium one which, in my opinion, [...]

7 Deadly Sins of Writers


Working through long-form projects and seeing other writers do the same, I thought I’d share my top cardinal sins (capital vices?) of writers, authors, self-publishers, and scribblers. Greedy Intentions I write because I enjoy writing. If I get a few e-book sales and notice on the side, [...]

The 3 Best Tools For Casual Bloggers


We all look for ways to blog better, quicker, and with fewer headaches. Luckily, there are handful of tools I use every day to shape up my blogs. The following are selected for their ease of use, accessibility, and WordPress-friendliness. 1. Snipping Tool For Windows 8 users, click the often unused [...]

Why Ritualized Writing Is Dangerous


We all have habits: Writing with Motown on, writing in the morning, only writing when it rains, etc. I can imagine the perfect writing scenario and often shape my day around making it worthwhile. What happens next? I start typing nothing. I become so hooked on ritual that I squander the situation. [...]

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