Amazon Publishing: Fiction Flounders in the Slipstream?


It’s a bombastic clusterfuck out there when it comes to untraditional publishing. Let’s say indie author Edward Bookman wants to finally publish his first fiction novel, A Novel in Fiction. He can do several things, like… Self-publish it on Amazon Kindle Put it on Kindle Scout [...]

99 Cent Short Stories | Small Gains for Short Fiction?


This ArtsBeat article deserves attention. In short (the theme of the piece), a small publisher is releasing digital short stories in honor of May’s Short Story Month. The catch is that they are selling them for 99 cents each and a new piece is released every day. It’s an interesting [...]

Top Reads in Self-Publishing, Writing & The Industry


Consider this the first of many compilation posts to be published, ones that encompass the best of self-publishing on a weekly basis from big-hitters and the lonely, small indie authors that we are. On Writing You may have noticed, but I do enjoy topics on meta writing (writing for writers). [...]

The Dangers of Self-Publishing


Indie-authoring e-books has been my after-work focus for eight months. Now that I’m finally approaching a final-ish draft of my first long-form project, I thought I’d share a few “dangers” of self-publishing, how they occur, and how to avoid them. Marketing Overload [...]

Are We Too “Young” To Write Books?


I was talking with a friend in an MFA program the other day about the challenges of novel writing. We traded manuscripts a few months back and, at the conclusion of our dialogue, he said, “We’re too young to be writing books.” I couldn’t disagree more. Upon pressing the [...]

Digital Book Burning & Young e-Readers


I was too old for bedtime picture books and too young to have kids when the e-storybook became popular. I have spoken on the print vs. digital subject before and shared my thoughts on retention, page skimming, and why adults need to accept e-readers as digital bookshelves. But I never took the [...]

23 Things Writers Should Know


I have a list of ideas, topics, subjects, and inspirational sources titled “things to blog about.” Funny thing is, not one item has been scratched off this list for two months. To satisfy my urge to share my thoughts and hopefully inspire or possibly instruct a few writers, I threw [...]

Book Bullies & Bad Apples


Go to Kindle, dig deep for some low-star books, and skim through the comments. What do you find? Hopefully, there are comments from readers who give the indie author meaningful criticism. Often its a jab at a formatting mistake (which is honestly the authors fault, so no harm there). But when I [...]

Digital vs. Print: Which Does the Brain Prefer?


A Washington Post article caught my attention this morning whilst skimming the world of news. The piece investigates a reader, a researcher, and studies pertaining to the act of reading. The article suggests that people may not prefer reading print due to inconvenience, though learning and [...]

“Overcoming Writer’s Block” Is Featured!


Copy editor and freelance writer Timothy Pike’s blog (The Importance of Being Edited) is now featuring advice, tips, and thoughts from yours truly. The post is a culmination of ideas I’ve been playing with, mainly dealing with writerly enthusiasm and the infamous writer’s block. [...]

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