Amazon Publishing: Fiction Flounders in the Slipstream?


It’s a bombastic clusterfuck out there when it comes to untraditional publishing. Let’s say indie author Edward Bookman wants to finally publish his first fiction novel, A Novel in Fiction. He can do several things, like… Self-publish it on Amazon Kindle Put it on Kindle Scout [...]

99 Cent Short Stories | Small Gains for Short Fiction?


This ArtsBeat article deserves attention. In short (the theme of the piece), a small publisher is releasing digital short stories in honor of May’s Short Story Month. The catch is that they are selling them for 99 cents each and a new piece is released every day. It’s an interesting [...]

This is what Kindle Scout is All About


Earlier today, I started seeing a massive trend blowing up across blogs and publisher-type websites — Kindle Scout. I had heard rumors about it like the rest of you likely had but didn’t think much of Amazon’s latest press program until I looked into it. As it says, Kindle Scout [...]

The Surprising Upside of Having a (Found) Blog


It happened today or, more accurately, yesterday around lunchtime. My dusty authorial outreach platforms, such as this blog and a mostly inactive Twitter account, were bombarded with visits, shares, retweets and other activity. What’s going on? I asked myself, deleting email notification [...]

6 Ways to Write “Bad Words”


I’ve been a member of the human race for quite some time. In that time, I have come across (and created) what I would consider “bad writing,” or books, poems, short stories, essays, and articles that faceslap readers with one-too-many adjectives and similes to get through. Bad [...]

10 Steps to Write Your First Novel [INFOGRAPHIC]


Going off my previous handful of infographics, I thought I’d share another one: 10 steps to write your first novel. These tips are discussed more in other posts of mine, such as this one and this one. I’m up for any suggestions on future 10 steps/ways/tips as long as they relate to [...]

TL;DR & Short, Short Fiction


Too long; didn’t read — a common enough expression on forums and, occasionally, social media. While I’ve always been familiar with the term TL;DR, never have I ever (nor will I ever, hopefully) see it written on the bottom of a short story by a reader in a workshop setting. [...]

10 Ways to Write Better & Faster [INFOGRAPHIC]


Going off the infographic I made the other day, I thought I’d give it another go using a topic I’ve written on several times in the past. Please enjoy and (if you’re an astute reader of mine) feel free to leave any feedback on these infographics. I’m not much of an artist, [...]

How To Write 30,000 Words in 5 Days


“Quickly” is the short answer, though this NaNo-speed (get it?) gauntlet requires some explanation. I’m in the middle of a self-made break on my ongoing project, one that I’m struggling to fix inconsistencies and write new content for. After two weeks of distractions, I [...]

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