The Power of the First Sentence


I came across an amazingly entertaining and informative article on Gawker Review of Books today about the best first sentences in fiction. This got me thinking, What makes first sentences so damn useful? The answers–or at least some of them–are obvious… First sentences reel us [...]

The Surprising Upside of Having a (Found) Blog


It happened today or, more accurately, yesterday around lunchtime. My dusty authorial outreach platforms, such as this blog and a mostly inactive Twitter account, were bombarded with visits, shares, retweets and other activity. What’s going on? I asked myself, deleting email notification [...]

The Evolution of Ideas


It is a simple thing, visions of what may happen if only I had the will, courage and creativity to form the thing with words. It boils down to time, it seems, and the ability to glue oneself to a chair and dexterously reach for the same keys we press every day. It grows in the most peculiar [...]

Songwriting & Poetry | One In the Same?


I’ve been mulling over the difference between songwriting and poetry writing for years, ever since I wrote my first poems in a high school creative writing class and realized that a song’s lyrics are a poem set to sonic devices. Having written poetry in an academic setting and, [...]

10 Steps to Write Your First Novel [INFOGRAPHIC]


Going off my previous handful of infographics, I thought I’d share another one: 10 steps to write your first novel. These tips are discussed more in other posts of mine, such as this one and this one. I’m up for any suggestions on future 10 steps/ways/tips as long as they relate to [...]

The Best and Worst of Sci-Fi — A Calling


Fellow readers, This is a letter of inquiry to anyone who finds him-or-herself lazily flipping through channels on a Saturday afternoon and landing on a cheesy sci-fi flick that is instantly loveable. I have watched hundreds of sci-fi movies throughout my life, most of which involve [...]

How To Write A Book


Find a chair. To write a book you need to find a chair that is comfortable, away from distractions, and allows you to type ergonomicaly. To write that book you need an idea. How thought out of an idea? Partially, or at least a few scenes you’ve drawn out in your head. Those scenes need [...]

I’m Looking For a Book…


I’m looking for a book that is original, funny and captivating enough to keep me glued to a pile of bound paper or e-reader for hours on end. I’m looking for a book with characters I only relate to emotionally, not the ones with the same lifestyle, choices and opinions I have. I’m [...]

Why the “ABC” Lifestyle Matters


In the past I brought up the ABCs of Writing, or “Always Be Creating.” This breaks doing to staying busy, something I encourage every unproven writer with free (or unfree) time to do. I’ve begun to believe even more in these corny ABCs when my own writing has hit a few [...]

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