3 Writing Criticisms You Actually Want


In writing, nothing beats a healthy amount of constructive criticism. Whether you’re writing short stories, novels, or flash pieces in any genre, you know how crucial it is to share your work and solicit feedback. I do have one piece of advice about peer reviewing, though, and that is to finish a [...]

Songwriting & Poetry | One In the Same?


I’ve been mulling over the difference between songwriting and poetry writing for years, ever since I wrote my first poems in a high school creative writing class and realized that a song’s lyrics are a poem set to sonic devices. Having written poetry in an academic setting and, [...]

Why Authors Should Read & Write Short Stories


From Joyce’s “The Dead” and Carver’s “Cathedral” to the anxiously-written “The Swimmer” by Cheever, short stories are one style of writing I’m more familiar with than most. Partly due to schooling and the ease of teaching the short story in a [...]

I’m Looking For a Book…


I’m looking for a book that is original, funny and captivating enough to keep me glued to a pile of bound paper or e-reader for hours on end. I’m looking for a book with characters I only relate to emotionally, not the ones with the same lifestyle, choices and opinions I have. I’m [...]

Writers Can Only Throw So Many Curveballs


What does M. Night Shyamalan, Psycho, The Usual Suspects, The Planet of the Apes, Fight Club and a billion killer movies and flops have in common? Plot twists. I love the old plot twist almost as much as I see it coming and sit there, grinning to myself as I turn the pages to prove how clever I [...]

On Proofing Edits & Revising Rewrites


“Did you edit your paper?” “Did you revise your poem?” These terms imply a certain level of commitment to the flourish and structure of written work. More writing than I care to remember was choked full with bad spelling, worse grammar, and easy fixes that could have greatly [...]

30 Questions Novelists Need To Answer


While writing, I’ve become obsessed with the process of writing. It’s meta, I know, but has helped me achieve a better perspective on my work and its worth. I’ve also learned the most important thing about novel-writing I wish I’d learned years ago: Novelists must [...]

Conflicting Dangers of Self-Publishing | Part II


Thousands of words, unlimited time, fulfillment — are these perks or dangers of self-publishing? A recent post I did on the subject wasn’t as comprehensive as I’d hoped which leads us here: What, exactly, are the risks we take when we indie authors decide to throw our work on [...]

The Enigma Writer vs. Niche Author


My post on learning poetry for prose writers got me thinking: What kind of writer am I? Do I spend hours a day on my book because that’s what I see myself doing in the future, or do I avoid short stories, poetry, screenplays, and other mediums because I’m out of practice? I think [...]

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