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6 Ways to Write “Bad Words”


I’ve been a member of the human race for quite some time. In that time, I have come across (and created) what I would consider “bad writing,” or books, poems, short stories, essays, and articles that faceslap readers with one-too-many adjectives and similes to get through. Bad [...]

Why the “ABC” Lifestyle Matters


In the past I brought up the ABCs of Writing, or “Always Be Creating.” This breaks doing to staying busy, something I encourage every unproven writer with free (or unfree) time to do. I’ve begun to believe even more in these corny ABCs when my own writing has hit a few [...]

“Overcoming Writer’s Block” Is Featured!


Copy editor and freelance writer Timothy Pike’s blog (The Importance of Being Edited) is now featuring advice, tips, and thoughts from yours truly. The post is a culmination of ideas I’ve been playing with, mainly dealing with writerly enthusiasm and the infamous writer’s block. [...]

5 Things I Learned Writing a Book


I have a 2-book sci-fi project coming to a close and a shorter fiction piece (25,000ish words for Kindle Singles). Though I don’t have room to say I know what I’m talking about or that my ideas are genuine/life-changing, I wanted to share a few hard lessons I learned while working on [...]

Unsticking The Stuck Novel


Partly due to my yesterday’s post, “Getting a Failed Novel Back On Track,” I thought I’d dive into a separate-yet-similar topic: Getting over the infamous “Writer’s Block,” if it is such a thing. I did some prelim research to see what others had to say. One [...]

Why Kids Are Amazing Storytellers


I’m not envious of children. Growing up is tough and smelly, otherwise known as getting out of bed for us adults. But there’s one thing kids can do better and more natural than anyone: Tell a great story. Yes — kids have more free time and less stress on their side. They tell the [...]

The Post-Writing Spree Fallout


I feel that, sometimes, I pick on Huffington Post. This time, though, I’m actually condoning an article by novelist Holly Robinson. She outlines the perfect writing situation, an idea I covered in “Why Ritualized Writing is Dangerous,” and how the post-writing spree is a [...]

Write Small, Miss Small


How much can we expect from a reader? Not much, I wager, going off of how inattentive I am when I encounter overtly complex material. The Write Small, Miss Small idea came to me for two reasons, one being The Patriot and the other from my editors. I churned out my 78,000 word sci-fi book, tidied it [...]

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