The Things They Carried: More than War Fiction


If you haven’t read at least the title story of The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, something’s not right. This incredible book of stories resurrects cultural emotions I’ve never fully understood. It’s about Vietnam and soldiers, life, and all that. But [...]

Ready Player One: Cline Pulls It Off


Ernest Cline’s breakthrough novel Ready Player One is an intriguing success. The premise is simple: In a gritty, poverty-stricken future, most of the world retreats into a completely immersive video game where things aren’t so bleak. Upon his death, the creator of the game promises his [...]

The Power of the First Sentence


I came across an amazingly entertaining and informative article on Gawker Review of Books today about the best first sentences in fiction. This got me thinking, What makes first sentences so damn useful? The answers–or at least some of them–are obvious… First sentences reel us [...]

Winter Roundup | To Read & Review


I’ve spent a good deal of time reading these past few months. Often, it’s the only thing too do when it’s super snowy (as some of you may understand). Now that I’ve got a good stack of recently read and to-be-read books going, I decided to write up little reviews/blurbs [...]

99 Cent Short Stories | Small Gains for Short Fiction?


This ArtsBeat article deserves attention. In short (the theme of the piece), a small publisher is releasing digital short stories in honor of May’s Short Story Month. The catch is that they are selling them for 99 cents each and a new piece is released every day. It’s an interesting [...]

This is what Kindle Scout is All About


Earlier today, I started seeing a massive trend blowing up across blogs and publisher-type websites — Kindle Scout. I had heard rumors about it like the rest of you likely had but didn’t think much of Amazon’s latest press program until I looked into it. As it says, Kindle Scout [...]

The Surprising Upside of Having a (Found) Blog


It happened today or, more accurately, yesterday around lunchtime. My dusty authorial outreach platforms, such as this blog and a mostly inactive Twitter account, were bombarded with visits, shares, retweets and other activity. What’s going on? I asked myself, deleting email notification [...]

3 Writing Criticisms You Actually Want


In writing, nothing beats a healthy amount of constructive criticism. Whether you’re writing short stories, novels, or flash pieces in any genre, you know how crucial it is to share your work and solicit feedback. I do have one piece of advice about peer reviewing, though, and that is to finish a [...]

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