I’m a life-long writer with an emphasis on fiction, currently in the process of self-publishing a pair of sci-fi novels and a shorter paranormal project. My focus: Enlightening the modern writer with research, personal experiences, and what I’ve learned. By trade I’m a writer — I blog for businesses, do some freelance journalism in the St. Louis area, and make a decent living doing it (another goal of this blog, as evident of 4 Ways to Make a Living Writing, is to explore writing as a career).

New to my blog? Here are a few posts on writing and self-publishing to get you started:

Write Small, Miss Small
The Most Demanding Sentence You’ll Ever Write
Plot vs. Premise: Why Writers Can’t Explain Themselves
The Seinfeld Paradox for Writers
Building An Author Blog In 2 Hours
2 Approaches For Print-On-Demand Authors

Through this site, I hope to self-discover new ways to write, proactive methods for self-publishing, and how to become a writer in the modern world. I’m also going to collect useful self-publishing news and other insights that, if a new writer had no clue how to publish or what to do with a book, will be compiled as a comprehensive resource.

Here are a pair of my posts that were featured on fellow bloggers’ sites:

5 Reasons Reporters Make Good Writers…Most of the Time — The Write Practice
7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block — The Importance of Being Edited 

*The site, being just under two weeks old as of March 6, still has a few kinks that need working out. If you notice a broken link, something wrong with a “share/like/follow” button, or anything, please let me know. You can reach me at blog[at]brennanreid.com.

About Me

I’m an Illinois-born, Indiana-educated Missouri resident and live for the writing industry. I graduated a while back and have since focused my spare time on self-publishing fiction and discovering the secrets behind making a living as a writer.

I have a degree in creative writing and worked for magazines, marketing companies, creative journals, and press outlets. Today, I’m a freelance journalist in St. Louis and write for a Charlotte-based marketing company. While I enjoy the professional aspects of writing (and getting paid doing it), every spare second is spent reading, working on personal projects, and researching the self-publishing industry.

Brennan Reid

Personally, I look at the successful authors on Kindle and think: Great, that worked for them. My goal is to find ways to make this work from a personal standpoint and, in doing so, help my readers make their way into the industry. When I say self-publishing I mean print-on-demand and e-books, two areas I’ve studied extensively. I’m unaccustomed with the “send off a manuscript and wait six months for a rejection industry” and more comfortable with self-enterprising, a talent I believe every young (see below) writer should develop. 

I’m interested in hearing about you, about writing, and your thoughts on modern publishing. This is a terrible picture of me, by the way, if you haven’t noticed. I typically wear glasses and dress down.

About the Blog 

I write this blog with selfish intent but, in doing so, I hope to contribute to the self-publishing community at large. If you haven’t noticed, I love writing. What I hate are *young writers who fail to believe in possibilities. The motivation behind blogging is to learn more about the indie industry and forge my thoughts and experiences into a credible bank of knowledge.

*When I say “young, modern writer” I mean this: Writers making their way into the world of publishing. Much of this blog, of course, can be used as a resource for any writer. That’s my intent. However, the content I publish is written towards those who are seasoned writers and fledgling publishers, not necessarily those within a certain age group.  

My goal is to create a network of similarly-minded writers. And what better way to do this than gaining input from my readers? I appreciate every Tweet, Facebook post, comment, and email. There are strong, seasoned voices out there that can help shape this blog and I want their input, as well as input from *young writers.

Is there a topic you want me to blog about? Let me know.

Do you have a pressing idea and want to post it? Let me know.

I’m open to guest posting from writers, readers, and all those involved in the writing industry. I’ll have more direct “guidelines” to this later on, but for now feel free to send me a message and tell me your thoughts.

Here are the types of things I expect to publish and you should hold me accountable for if I don’t:

  • Self-publishing insights (print-on-demand, e-book writing, research)
  • The modern author and how to make a living off the written word
  • Interviews and advice from veteran (and new) writers
  • My journey into indie authoring

I do not claim to be the absolute authority on writing — I still have a long way to go myself but, this being said, any “tips” or pieces of advice I share are backed up by personal experience and thoughts. The same goes for most of the content I publish because, really, what’s more useful? A list of 10 ways to get over writers block or a personal account of pushing through a novel?

Thanks for reading, or skipping, this far.

-Brennan Reid, 3/14/14


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  1. Hi. I nominated you for the Liebster Award, and wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog. Thanks. Mel

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