The main focus of this blog is writing and figuring out what to do with it. As posts are written, check back here for featured posts and resources on all things writing. Topics I plan to cover?

  • Getting through the novel
  • Style, tone, and themes
  • Editing
  • Writing for paychecks

Have an idea or interesting article to share? Let me know.

10 Ways for Writers to Blog Better
10 Ways to Write Better & Faster

Prose Compression: Why Writers Should Study Poetry
The Art of Outlining Novels
23 Things Writers Should Know
The Curse of Writerly Influence, Insanity & Inspiration

Are Reporters the Best Writers?
“Overcoming Writer’s Block” Is Featured!

Top Articles on Writing
Why Kids are Amazing Storytellers
4 Ways To Make a Living Writing
10-4, Authors: How I Became A Better Writer
The Most Demanding Sentence You’ll Ever Write
Plot vs. Premise: Why Writers Can’t Explain Themselves
The Post-Writing Spree Fallout

Write Small, Miss Small
Constrained or Insane? Writing Words With Shackles
Telling-Story Backwards: Reverse Chronology And Its Implications
Why Ritualized Writing is Dangerous
What To Do on Page 27
10,000 Hours and Counting
The Myth of the Mashup Novel
7 Deadly Sins of Writers

Beyond the Page
The Seinfeld Paradox for Writers
The “Star Wars” Movies They Should Make
The “X-Files Factor for Writers
The Solaris Effect for Writers
Should I Read “Game of Thrones?”

The Go Bag of Jane Doe

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